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  • October, 2019
  • How To Build A Good Social Media Presence For Your Business

    In this day and age, having a good social media presence is vital for all business owners or service providers who are looking to reach as many customers as is possible. Social media has become an integral part of our lives, so it would be a shame not to use this to your advantage. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that simply opening an account on all the major social media platforms and occasionally posting whatever comes to mind will be enough. In truth, you'll hardly get anywhere without a solid, detailed social media strategy.

    Know your audience

    The first step toward having a quality social media services strategy is to know your audience. You'll need to be aware of what kind of people you are trying to reach, what are their habits, and what would appeal to this specific demographic. This will inform several aspects of your social media presence. For starters, you'll need to find your brand's "voice" that's in line with what your customers enjoy. For example, speaking to millennials and to seniors would certainly require a different voice. Everything you post will, in a way, need to be filtered through this voice.

    Knowing your audience should also influence the time of day when you're publishing content. A good way to determine this is to analyze your previous posts' reception - when did they get most likes, shares, etc.? Analyzing your previous posts' reception (by using Facebook Insights, for example) will also allow you to determine what your audience likes, so that you can be more in sync with their tastes and needs.

    smartwatch on a wrist
    Knowing your audience in terms of the time of the day when they’re most likely found online will allow you to post accordingly and improve your social media presence in the process.
    Knowing your audience in terms of the time of the day when they’re most likely found online will allow you to post accordingly and improve your social media presence in the process.

    Show the human side of your business

    While posting content that's specifically tailored to your audience, you shouldn't forget that customers dislike content that seems as if it was made just as a form of advertisement for your business. So, create varied content, including posts that aren't necessarily connected to your business specifically, but to the industry as a whole.

    The idea is to not come across as a faceless entity that's only looking to market its products and/or services, but rather to show some humanity behind the seemingly cold company exterior. Apart from posting varied content that could be useful and interesting for your audience, one way to achieve this is through the way you interact with your followers. Replying to comments in a friendly manner, not dissimilar to the way you'd talk to people you actually know, and posting pictures of your offices and employees (for example, from a team-building trip) will make your (potential) customers feel more connected to your brand.

    A happy worker in his workplace.
    Posting fun, interesting pictures of your team will make people like your company’s image more.

    Not all high-quality followers are potential buyers

    Before you get the chance to show the human side of your business, though, you'll first need to draw in those followers. This means that you'll need to do what you can in order to expand your follower base. Posting high-quality content and interacting with your followers the right way are both very important in this regard, as brands are usually discovered through word of mouth. 'Buying' Instagram followers, for example, wouldn't do you much good.

    So, while increasing your follower base, you shouldn't only think about your followers as potential buyers, but also as people who could easily bring you more customers. So, for starters, add your friends, family, and previously satisfied customers who aren't already a part of your social media presence. And from there, if your content and services are good enough, you can expect a steady rise in the number of followers through word-of-mouth.

    Even if your followers aren't actively referring to your business, just the fact that they've liked your page means that they're helping you expand your reach. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

    Posting consistently is vital

    One thing that a lot of brands are neglecting is the fact that you need to post consistently if you want to have a good social media presence. Perhaps due to the belief that, since there's already some (or a lot of) content published on their pages, brands don't feel the need to keep posting regularly. This, unfortunately, is a mistake that can cost them their potential customers, as people aren't in the habit of opening specific pages to get to the content they're interested in - they browse social media platforms by using their timelines.

    So, determining a posting strategy and sticking to it is vital. You'll need to have a good plan detailed in advance - coming up with topics well before the posting date will allow you to stay organized, have enough time to create high-quality content, and eliminate potential gaps in your posting schedule.

    Visual-based content is most likely to engage your audience

    A video-editing software.
    People love videos, so get to editing!

    Out of all the different types of content, visual content is, unsurprisingly, preferred by the majority of users. Together with the fact that primarily visual social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are becoming increasingly popular, this means that focusing your attention on video-based content is practically bound to improve your social media presence.

    Luckily, video-based content provides a lot of room for creativity. For example, you could post an informative video or a tutorial on a subject that's in your line of business. You could also politely ask your customers to record themselves while using your product, and then post it. This is a good way to provide honest testimonials on the quality of your product(s). Or, you can promote a specific charity through your videos. Doing so will result in you making the world a slightly better place and it will get you new customers in the process. Win-win.

    Final thoughts

    Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have a good idea of what it takes to successfully build your social media presence. Still, some people dedicate a good portion of their lives to studying social media strategies; you should never stop learning and trying to constantly improve yourself. For example, while video-based content is the most popular form of social media content, this doesn't mean that you should neglect infographics, giveaways, text-based posts, and so on. As we said, do what you can to get to know your audience and do your best to give them what they want. Always being on the lookout for all the ways you can improve your social media presence is the only way to succeed. Good luck!
  • September, 2019
  • Social Media Has Become An Integral Part Of Our Lives

    Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are some channels we all are familiar with and are using these to quite an extent. But on days we find that some of the posts have us getting affected by them. This is a negative factor which comes to light while using social media. We should be careful and not depend on it for everything.
    There are some ways in which you can make sure that social media is used for the purpose it was meant to be- “to connect and learn”. Follow these simple steps to avoid getting your time ruined by social media.

    How to stop social media from ruining your life - Know that not everything is true

    We have seen people posting pictures and showing all the fun they are currently having in their life. This made me think that all is not always good. There are ups and downs which are a part of everybody’s life. So don’t believe everything people post on their social handles.

    Nobody is perfect
    nobody is perfect

    This is an over-rated phrase but is so true. Everybody has positives and well as negatives, its just matters what we want to focus on. Many people are good with interaction and building relationships while others are more detail-oriented and observe things. Both are good in their own way. So know that what you see and assume to be perfect, isn’t.

    Stop comparing
    The most common mistake which makes us suck the fun out of our own lives is that we compare. This is how we are raised. But it can be avoided by knowing our own worth. Comparison never helped. There is a fine line between comparison and taking inspiration and doing things. Know the difference.

    Stop scrolling

    stop scrolling

    Social media is a platform which just entangles you and you are not able to get out of it. Stop scrolling through your Facebook feed it won’t add value to your life. It is a total waste of time waste. Deep inside you know this fact but whenever you find yourself getting too engrossed in the scrolling procedure we say take a pause and remind yourself about the pending tasks which need your immediate attention.

    Stop envying

    After comparison next step Is envy. Jealousy and envy degrade your thought process. It builds up a negative aura around you and sooner or later people realise this fact about you and in exchange you start attracting more people towards you.
    Stay away from negativity and focus on yourself. Build up a skill.

    Take a hint
    After a while and we have spent some time on Instagram we start noticing that posts are getting repeated. This is a sign that you should immediately withdraw and stop scrolling further. This is something which takes too much of your time.

    Don't get involved in negative comments
    Trolling is a part of today’s world. People find it very easy to comment on someone’s post and say mean things about them. Stay away from such behaviour. Don’t post and don’t read such content. Instead read blogs which are of your interest.

    Haters gonna hate

    comments - haters gonna hate
    Last but not least remember that haters are gonna hate. You should focus on living your life to the fullest. Spend your time and energy on people who matter to you the most and the world will be a beautiful place.
    So these are some ways through which you can avoid getting sucked into the vicious circle of social media. Connecting is necessary but not getting stuck into it.

  • October, 2017
  • The Foolproof Quality Social Media Services Strategy

    Social networking is a truth of life nowadays. Social media is among the absolute most cost-efficient digital advertising methods used to syndicate content and elevate your business' visibility. Social networking is the newest and newer technique to rise the word regarding your merchandise or services. Social networking is possibly the strongest customer service tool there's today, what with the numerous social networking platforms available at each business's disposal. They has emerged as one of the most dynamic means of marketing your brand and business. They has become the first step in providing top-notch customer service. Social networking is the best solution!

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