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  • Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing

    If there is one trend that we’d separate as the most interesting one in the past decade - that would be social media. Saying that these platforms have revolutionized the way we communicate wouldn’t be an overstatement. And this isn’t just true for individuals; the world of social networks has provided ample opportunities for corporate interests as well. Furthermore, it’s not only large corporations that find new avenues for reaching their customers; small businesses have found numerous ways of utilizing social media marketing as well. And we’ll explore this trend in the article below!

    Go With Clear Objectives

    In many cases, when smaller companies (especially mom and pop establishments) approach social media marketing, they have only one thing in mind: everyone’s on social media, we have to be on social media. And that right there is a huge mistake. If you ask us, not being on social media is better than being there without a clear set of objectives. Remember - personal individual profiles were on social media before businesses were with their corporate profiles. That’s why people expect a company’s Twitter or Instagram profile to have a clear voice, and some character. And this voice does not come from anywhere; it’s derived from the goals a company outlines in the very beginning.
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    Make sure you know what you want to achieve with your campaign

    Make sure you know what you want to achieve with your campaign

    You shouldn’t just think that it’s important to get new followers on a daily basis; that’s not the end goal, but the way you’re going to get there. Your goal should be a ballpark number of followers you want to have in the next couple of months, for example; or the number of engagements on a series of posts that string into one online campaign.

    Spark A Conversation

    If you take a look at Facebook (the paradigm and pariah of social networks, in many ways), you’ll notice that its ranking algorithm tends to reward posts that have the most interactions. In other words, if your corporate profile makes a post that no-one responds to or talks about, fewer people will see it. After all, that’s only logical - Facebook wants people to use their social network as much as possible, and they achieve that by showing everyone content that’s interesting and relevant to them. So, as a small business that’s dabbling in social media marketing, you don’t want to be making statements - you want to be posing questions. That’s the right way to spark an online conversation, one that will lead as many people toward your brand as possible. For example - if a car dealership posts an image of a person who’s purchasing their first car, that’s an average post, one that won’t see a lot of engagement. But if they ask everyone following them - “What’s the first car you bought?”, that’s guaranteed to get more people’s attention, and thus reach a wider audience.
    Always try to start up a discourse with your followers
    Always try to start up a discourse with your followers!

    Be Appreciative

    On social networks, it’s easy for people to forget that it’s not just a medium for the content you want to share. To put it more precisely, in social media, the emphasis is on “social”, not on “media”. It’s not just a soapbox on which you’ll stand to promote the values of your company or an advertisement space where you’ll share your latest offers and promotions. It’s an honest-to-god opportunity for you to use social media marketing to connect with your target audience in a truly meaningful way, with those who enable your business to run and support you in your endeavors. You shouldn’t forget this, and always be thankful and humble to the customers who help you follow your business ideas and dreams. Share some of their positive messages, and like their personal posts and tweets. Try to create a community with them, instead of simply spouting content at them.

    Stand Out

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    You need to stand out from the rest of the pack

    You need to stand out from the rest of the pack

    Remember how we said that social media is a very personal, character-driven platform? Well, think about what people you follow on social media on your personal accounts. Sure, your family and friends; but apart from that, you pretty much only follow accounts and people that you find interesting, insightful or entertaining. And that’s a fact that should be a guiding light for you when you craft your social media marketing campaign as well. You need to build a consistent persona of your account and convey it properly to the target audience. Don’t be just another brick in the wall; be above the noise of mediocrity.
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    Focus On One Platform

    When you start entering the world of social media marketing, it’s pretty easy to be overwhelmed with all the different possibilities. After all, the days of MySpace - or even Facebook - are very much gone. While these platforms still exist, and Facebook still reigns as king of social networks, in 2020, this market is far more heterogeneous than it once was. With the likes of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even newcomers like TikTok, it can be difficult to know where to focus. This is where target audience research becomes incredibly important; you want to know where your customers and leads spend the most time, and heavily focus on that platform. Trying to cover the entire social network landscape is only guaranteed to lead you down the path to a watered-down, meaningless campaign.

    Be Well-Organized

    As we’ve said multiple times here, your social media marketing campaign should seem organic, personal, and charismatic. But make no mistake - it’s not something you should attempt doing on a whim. In fact, only the most carefully planned out social network marketing stunts will yield the desired results in terms of lead conversion! So, make sure to make a proper social media calendar early on, where you’ll plan your main posts on the platform you’re focusing on. Naturally, any responses you make to the users’ posts can be made by your social media managers on the spot, but the main posts need to be part of a careful strategy.
  • 10 Ways To Get More Customers From Instagram

    At the moment, Instagram is the most popular story-telling visual app. When it was launched nine years ago, not many companies felt that they should be using it to advertise their products and services. Nowadays, things have changed completely. Almost everybody is on Instagram, and the companies feel that it is where they should be too. Many of them have benefited immensely due to their presence on this social platform. So, let's take a look at 10 ways to get more customers from Instagram.

    1. Get more customers from Instagram by sharing the photos people can connect with
    What the most popular Instagram accounts have in common is that they are abundant in images everybody can relate to. That is how you create a relationship with your audience in the most natural way. Your account should be authentic and original, yet a little bit personal. This personality note is something that attracts customers.

    For example, you can share some photos of you and your colleagues at the company party or some behind the scene pix of your product being made. Just make sure that the images are appropriate and that they represent your company in a way that you would like it to be presented. Or, if you are looking for the ways to make your moving company visible online, posting some photos of your hard-working, professional movers hanging out together after their work is successfully completed might bring you some new customers.

    2. Use popular hashtags, but don't overdo it
    If you are new to Instagram, or you simply don't have an idea what hashtags to use, you can find your inspiration at Google or Webstagram. The trendy hashtags that can be relevant to your industry can generate more interaction. Instagram offers the autocomplete options if you are indecisive of what you should choose. However, when adding hashtags, you should be careful not to overdo it. More than three of them per photo will look more like a Spam than a genuine working experience that you would like to share.

    woman holding a hashtag
    The choice of a hashtag can help you get more customers from Instagram

    3. Follow others and expect to be followed
    Social media has become an integral part of our lives and we need to learn some basic rules of conduct. This is what all social media platforms have in common - you will not be followed unless you follow others. You just have to be active. Once you find the brands and users that share your interests you should start interacting with them.

    You can do so by

    • liking,
    • commenting,
    • or sharing their images – that is one of the ways to get more customers from Instagram

    Don't forget to follow the influencers in your field of interest and Instagram stars.

    4. Choose the right time to post
    Be mindful of the time zone your users are located in. You can even do a little research to find out when your customers are the most active online. That is usually right after they get up in the morning or after they come back home from work or school. Since the average life of a photo within the news feed is some four hours, make sure that your timing is good. You do not want to waste your posts during hours when your potential customers are too busy to hang out on social networks.

    An hourglass with red sand as an illustration how right timing can help you get more customers from Instagram
    Choose the right time for posting

    5. Get more customers from Instagram by posting frequently
    In order to keep the followers that you have attracted, you will have to post frequently, but don't go overboard. If you have a load of photos that you would like to share, make sure that you distribute them over several days or weeks. You have to find the right measure. Nobody would like to see their news feed flooded by your photos, so you might even get unfollowed by some customers if you overdo it.

    6. Be aware of the importance of your Instagram Bio
    Your bio should include some relevant branded hashtags, links and a call-to-action. Your Instagram bio is the equivalent of your home page, so make sure that what you are presenting to potential customers is what they would like to see. Make sure that you do not appear too distant or too desperate for attention. Some people even include that they are in for "follow swapping". But, think carefully before you do something like that - Should you really buy Instagram followers?

    7. Ask questions in your photo captions
    This is a very simple, yet effective way to engage your customers. When you incorporate question in your caption, people are more inclined to like and comment. Their engagement is what you are looking for and it can help you turn the prospective customers into real-life customers of yours.

    8. Host a giveaway or a contest
    One of the best ways to boost engagement and attract new followers is by hosting a contest or a giveaway. You can decide which option is more suitable for you and the business you are presenting on Instagram. Post a photo of an item or service you are giving away and let the people compete for it. Just don't forget to add #contest or #giveaway and spread the word about your action on Facebook and whatever social platform you use.

    9. Why not invest in Instagram advertising?
    Instagram is a Quality social mediaquality social media perfect for advertising. And there is nothing wrong with investing some money in your Instagram profile promotion. By using Facebook Ads Manager or Power Manager, you can push your content in front of the right people. Any of the two options let you be very specific when targeting your audience, so you are not wasting your money on advertising in front of people who don't need your products at all.

    follow us on instagram
    Why not invest in Instagram advertising?

    10. Keep an eye on your competitors
    This is a rule of thumb for any business and any campaign you are in charge of. On Instagram, you can see who the people following your competitors are and what influencers are posting for them. Why not take a leaf from their book from time to time and get more customers from Instagram?

    And finally, whatever you do, make sure you DO NOT spam and DON'T auto-message every follower! Instagram might even shadowban or ban your account for that.
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